Friday, 20 April 2012

No rain!! Whoop Whoop!

Sunshine, no rain, excellent!
I have heard that May is going to be the coldest for 100yrs, I wonder if thats going to be true? If it is, I am going to be sooooo ready to get on that plane to fly to Florida in June, its around 28* out there at the moment! Voonderbar!


Clemmie and Madge had a great run up on High Salvington thismorning, I thought I would try and tire out Clemmie before she went home as shes going later, not sure its worked but never mind.
Lovely Nellie the bassett arrived first thing so she came out on the second walk with Carla and Rocco. Carla still behaved exceptionally well even with Rocco in tow. The fact she was quiet rubbed off on Rocco and both behaved very well!

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