Wednesday, 18 April 2012


At least yesterday the weather cleared up in the afternoon and the sun came out! Today, blah! horrible, nasty, wet, windy, GROTTY!!
Still all the hounds have to be walked. My jeans are now on the radiator for the second time drying. Walking to school this morning we got totally drenched, even Madge and Clemmie were racing to get home, I don't think they were happy to have the wind howling across their faces and rain belting down on them!
The other 4 little ones went out together, Rocco, Carla, Poppy and Lulu. Again Carla was so much better and that was even in Rocco's company.

Everyone seems to have dried off now and all are crashed out around my feet and on beds.
I have just had a little Cocker poo called Cleo come for a visit. Shes a hearing dog for the deaf. She was so sweet and is coming for a couple of days next month.

Because of the nastyness outside I have decided to do nothing else today (apart from collect Jack from school later) and stay in, taking the opportunity to go through some really old photos I found on dics a couple of days ago. There are so many but I have chosen 4 to post on here today. One is of Daisy, Mudgee and Indy our 3 cocker spaniels. Daisy is holding the toy, she was the eldest and the Granny. Mudgee is her daughter, and finally Indy at the bottom is the grand daughter. None of them are with us anymore, but they will never be forgotten! Don't you just love the bows!

The other 3 pictures are of 2 horses  I looked after about 17 years or so ago. For those of you that don't know, I worked, taught and trained horses for years until I had Jack. It was then I turned to the smaller 4 legged variety and started to look after dogs instead. I knew them both from the day they were born, Tiger Lily and Mr. Browning. I bottle fed Tiger Lily for about a week when she was born as her mother died. It took a while to find a suitable foster mother for her. Both of them went on to become Champion Show horses. The picture of the two of them was taken from the Horse and Hound magazine.

Mr.Browning at Hickstead
Mr.Browning and Tiger Lily

 The final picture is of me on Mr.Browning on a very very cold frosty morning. I love the icicles on his whiskers, ears and forlock!


  1. Fantastic pics today. Daisy, Mudgee and sad to see them ...bless their little hearts...maybe they are frolicking around in the Big the way does this tell you who the message is from??