Sunday, 15 April 2012

World of Adventures

A well deserved day off from the dogs today!
Instead of being kennel maid for the day I took Jack and his friend Jude to Chessington World of  Adventures where we met my brother David with his girlfriend Helen, her kids and his daughter, Jacks cousin, Holly. We had a great day, although it was freeeeeezing. I am so glad that David had taken a spare fleece as without it I would have died. I HATE THE COLD!!!
I went on the Vampire ride for the first time in about 20yrs, it was brilliant, as was the new Cobra ride.(below)

To all doggie owners out there, don't fret, your doggies were all looked after very well today and walked by Phoebe, a neighbour of mine, whos always there to step into my shoes if I get the chance to escape for the day (its not often enough really, as you all know dogs are such a tie).
Apparently Pebbles has discovered how to open the door leading into the breakfast room, she gets onto the sofa and pushes down the handle, cheeky little monkey, she will have to sleep in the kitchen tonight or I will be getting disturbed with lots of wet dog kisses in the night!
Coco went home this afternoon, I'll miss Coco, shes such a lovely dog, and heres a photo of Rocco and Carla as promised. I just love the look on Roccos face, its the "who me" look

Madge went over to my friends house for the day (Judes mum Nina), we did a swap, I had her son, she had my dog! For a second day running she disgraced herself but this time it was worse than rolling in fox poo! this time she ATE poo, not just any poo but Queenies poo straight out of her potty.(Queenie is Judes 2 yr old sister and is totally besotted with Madge)
Jack and I found their dressing up box so like the big child I am, dressed up jack in a fetching red wig and then found us each a pair of groovy specs!

Well I think we look good! LOL

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