Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sleeping dogs

Yet another lazy day for all, I think we could all get used to this lifestyle!

Gorgeous little Ethel went home thismorning, she was only here for the one night. Coco, Madge and Paddy enjoyed a frolic along the sand thismorning. I thought to myself, its wet out there anyway so lets go swimming in the sea! Well not me, the dogs! I'm not that bonkers!!

They all had fun paddling, shame I didnt take the camera, but as it was raining I wan't going to risk it. I got some photos of them first thing thismorning before Ethel went home and as you can see they are all totally relaxed and content crashed out in their favourite spots, Ethel on my lap, Paddy on my bed, Coco on the doggy bed and Madge on Jacks bed!
I think they are a little cross with me right now as they are in the kitchen drying off!

The rest of the day will consist of very little. We have no plans again. Its hard during the school holidays to find things to do everyday to get out the house, even harder when the weather is rubbish. At least we have the dogs to walk so we always get some fresh air. Jack is happy on the ipad watching The Diary of the Wimpy Kid and I am catching up on the Corrie omnibus. Maybe we will go to the aquarena later, its good for Jack to practice more on his swimming before we go on holiday, as we will be swimming there everyday.

Tomorrow is my birthday, I think I mentioned before that I would be 21! Our plan is to go to Woodys Diner (if we can get a table) You can't beat good old American junk food! Roll on tomrrow!!

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