Sunday, 1 April 2012

Tail pulling

We said goodbye to Orwell and Betty today. Gorgeous little Orwell will be missed, everybody that saw him wanted to take him home. He was so hilarious with Doris, he was in love with her big hairy tail, he constantly used it for tug'o'war! She didn't care one little bit.

Overall its been a pretty peaceful day, I took a quick trip to B&Q and took all the doggys out for a walk, I went up to High Salvington with Madge, Toby and Betty and I took the others along the seafront. I love the photo of Toby, it shows what a handsome boy he is. Ambrose is going to miss Orwell, hes been pretty quiet since he left, but knowing Ambrose he will soon pal up with one of the others, its amazing how quickly they move onto the next one!

Just a few random snaps taken in the garden today.


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