Tuesday, 11 September 2012

New rules

Well what a nightmare few weeks I have had!
Worthing council renewed my licence to run The Doghouse, great news I hear you say! Well yes, but, I can now only board 3 dogs at a time!
I have some neighbours that are being a complete nightmare and are constantly calling up the council to complain, whether its about the smell of the lemon fresh disinfectant I use, the amount of dogs I have here or noise polution, its starting to get me down. Thankfully the warden and environmental officer are more than happy with the way I run things here, infact they said to me, in their words "We are very impressed with the way you run and organise this business and if all were as clean as here we would be out of a job!" So thats reasures me to know they are more than happy. My neighbours are just out to get me, they won't be happy till they get me shut down, but that will not happen!!!
This week I have staying with me Truffle, she was 2 yesterday so had a little party and Rocco and Carla the cavvies!


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