Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Time flies!

Well how time flies! Its been ages since my last post. How time flies once the school holidays start! Its all go, go, go!
Jack and I have been busy looking after and walking the dogs as always, then he went to stay with his granny and grandpa for just over a week whilst I went to Crete with my friend for a totally chill out holiday.
Once home my sister in law and my niece and nephew came to stay for a couple of nights as we all trundled up to london to meet my brother and his family on the last day of the Olympics to see the mens marathon. It was great fun, and really pleased we got the chance to go!
The dogs with me now are Tilly for her wednesday stay, Bonnie and Lucy from the vicarage in Findon and Doris the hairy basset!
All are being extremly well behaved which is lovely, it makes this job very enjoyable when they behave as well as this bunch do. We avoided the rain this morning and finally got out over lunch time and managed to stay dry before it poured down again!

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